Bob Kamps
A Tribute to Bob Kamps

August 23rd, 1931 - March 2nd, 2005

This site is dedicated to the life, times and memories of Bob Kamps

"Bob’s idea of hell was not being able to climb and not being able to work. His last day was just as he would have wanted it to be. He worked at home all day, accomplishing, as usual, a multitude of different tasks. In the evening he went to Boulderdash with Jim Wilson. He had a massive heart attack while making a move and was gone by the time Jim had lowered him. He died with his climbing shoes on. Everyone who knew him derives comfort from knowing it was the way he wanted it to be. But for those he left behind it was far too soon. Bob and I made jokes about our marriage on the rocks. I was the ultimate Kamps follower and his biggest fan. I know how blessed I was to share 46 years with a very special man."

Bonnie Kamps


Come take a look and search through the Climbs of Bob Kamps Database. The database has more than 3100 climbs that Bob did between 1955 and 2005 - Wow!

UPDATE: May 15th, 2016

Visitors are invited to pass on a smile, shed a tear, share a laugh, and appreciate the beauty of Bob’s life and the connections he and Bonnie built, and continue to build, between us.

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